When Facts, Habits, and Behaviors Collide

Sometimes we know what the right thing to do is, but we just don’t do it. For the sake of comfort or habitual behaviors, or just to do it the way we want to, we choose to ignore the facts and risk achieving the results.

There are hundreds of fact-based findings that support success in every area of business, and sometimes these facts collide with our view of the world-Aristotle, Copernicus’s, Galileo, Newton, and Einstein each presented facts that seriously interrupted the prevailing view of “reality.”

The facts say planning works, but you’re too busy with what needs to get done right now to stop and plan. (Could the fact that we’re so busy be from the lack of planning?)

We know that following a step by step sales process works, but you don’t always do it because you know you’ve got this sale….until you don’t, and then it too late.

The truth is employees really want to get their job done, (isn’t that why we hired them in the first place?), be acknowledged, and be a part of a winning environment, but we still don’t always trust that and know how to respond to problems like a perceived lack of motivation and production.

Maybe success is simply a measure of how willing we are to swap old behaviors and habits for new ones!