Cycle Times and Power

The time it takes to get anything done is a measure of Cycle time. FedEx, one of the leading experts on cycle time management says less then 3% of the total elapsed time spent on work performed has anything to do with “real work.” Given that time is money, examining your production processes seems like a really good idea.

Statistics say that managers and supervisors spend less than 25% of their day doing what they were hired to do. Most of their time is spent putting out fires.

Christopher Meyer, author of Fast Cycle Time says, “The largest obstacle to the institutionalization of Cycle Time Management is the culture of your organization. In any organization, people develop a way of doing things and solving problems that seems to work, but that is not always optimal. And such practices are not always conducive to rooting out waste or to reducing and managing cycle times.”

Take the time to work on the Business. Do the work that makes everything run more lean, more cost effective, and more profitable. Yes it will cost money, but if it’s done well, the ROI will be back in your account and the value keeps working for you day after day.