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Next Webinar: Wednesday, March 18, 2020 at 12:00PM MST

The Secret Formula to Generate Sales and Increase Revenue

In construction and restoration, revenue is often driven by forces outside of our control. We find ourselves:

  • Servicing emergencies
  • At the mercy of adjusters
  • Constrained by insurance carriers
  • Controlled by industry governance

It’s frustrating and restrictive. Isn’t it?

We hire experts in construction to estimate projects and ensure that we get can be profitable as we serve our clients through all of this. But there is something missing. A basic element in business that we know will pump up our business and our satisfaction but has become lost in this bureaucratic rut.

The answer is sales. Simply that lost art of crafting a deal and developing lucrative business relationships. Today, in this environment, it primarily falls to the estimator. We expect strong construction knowledge and estimating skills. We hire pros that can get the job done. They understand the industry, they know the estimating codes, they navigate the system. Now, can you imagine if your good, effective estimators were equipped and empowered to perform like highly successful sales professionals? It would be like having the secret formula to accelerate sales, increase close ratios, and enhance profits.

Nationally recognized restoration industry author and sales trainer, Chip Doyle, leads us through a breakthrough workshop designed to transform a “good estimator” into your secret formula for sales success.

Join us on Wednesday March 18, 2020 at 12:00PM Mountain Standard Time and discover how your business will benefit from bridging that gap between estimating and sales.

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