The GNA 10- Weeks to Better PERFORMANCE Online Course

 Race to Success

We cover the fundamental practices to give you a quick start to financial budgeting, planning, and management, setting up accountability for key employees, how to have dynamic weekly meetings that empower employees in being the driving force of your business. 

One to One Business Coaching

The Ultimate Revenue Booster and Success Generator                 

Full-Service coaching that touches every area and aspect of your business with a commitment to whatever it takes to your success. 

From Business Development, through Sales, to Financial Management, Project Coordination,  Project Management and collections.   

You get unlimited call support to execute on the practices, strategies, plans, and behaviors for breakthrough level ownership, leadership, accountability, and financial success. 

Great for companies that are ready for a succession or exit strategy 

Build a Profit Focused Business Culture

The Profit Accelerator

The purpose of business is to make money, and that’s exactly what we deliver here.  We show you the money. 

You get the actions, practices, and behaviors for significant financial success using a robust financial model that guarantees series financial success. 

From analysis of your recent income statements, balance sheets, margins, A/R, collection, and financial tracking practices including WIP reporting we get you the metrics to deliver the financial results you want like no kidding. 

Highly Effective Project Management & Coordination

Shift Your Jobs into Overdrive                

Project Management and Project Coordination—two sides of the same coin, when examined and coached together produces a dynamic increase in margins and drives closed jobs. 

Project Coordination / the practices and behaviors for tracking the speed and efficiency of all production milestones.  

Project Management / scheduling, buying out subs, protecting your margin, pre-con meetings, and closing out work without closed dates drifting. 

Build a Dynamic Powerful Management Team

 If You Build It they Will Make it Happen

Build a team that is the driving force of your busines, have Teams managing and accountable for all critical areas of your business.

We cover the key principles of performance, what really motivates individuals, and how doing this work brings the joy back to being an owner.

When Individuals and teams thrive at work, Productivity goes way up, and Profits Follow.

Highly Effective Weekly Team Meetings

 High Performance Tune-Up

Create an environment of Peer to Peer transparency, focus, accountability, and ownership with teams solving problems and working together towards common targets.

Continuous improvement leads to serious breakthrough level results challenging each person’s best efforts. 

Our GNA Inc. Core Offering developed from 24 years and over 20,000 weekly meetings with hundreds of restoration and construction companies. 

Coaching for Excellence and High Performance

Double, Triple Productivity in 3 to 6 months

From the frustrating and exhausting efforts of command and control to the ease of leading others from challenge and inspiration.   

Fundamentals of coaching starts with distinguishing the behaviors that are completely un-coachable vs. very coachable so you can put your time more effectively towards people with the attitude, passion, commitment, emotional intelligence, and the work ethic to succeed.  

Hiring Great People

The Rock Star Builder

From writing ad copy, screening, interviewing, onboarding, career development, and annual review processes, all the way to planning for long term employee career path development coaching.   

This course gives you everything you need to develop key employees and everything they need to thrive and be hugely productive at work.  

Effective Business Development

The Rain Maker

We cover it all. From setting up routes,  who the best targets are, and exactly what to say to make a compelling offer to each of your best target markets. 

You always want a healthy tension between your sales team bringing in work and your production teams ability to get it done.  We deliver the actions and pathway for 1 million a year or more

Succession or Exit Strategy

Laughing all the way to the Bank

You have worked hard building your business for years, and now you’re thinking about stepping away at some point in your future. Don’t just walk out, Cash Out!

We will help you prepare for either a sale or a succession. In two to three years’ time we will help you get your financials strong and daily operational best practices in place to attract the best price possible.


GNA offers training in all aspects of PSA software, including: implementation, data conversion, relationship and inventory management, and scheduling. PSA Restoration Contractor is designed and built for the Restoration industry and is the industries’ only completely integrated solution.  Extensive features include easy to use accounting system, comprehensive job management, enhanced job costing, importing of estimates from Xactimate, document management, equipment tracking, work order and scheduling with email notifications, financial and management reporting.


Comprehensive financial reporting packages that give key staff one click access to real-time financial results and drivers instantly. As the saying goes, if you want to manage it, measure it. What gets measured is what gets done. We offer the most powerful reporting technology available.


Using an intuitive step-by-step process that will help improve closing ratios and deal size. We’ll help your salespeople adopt balanced language that keeps things moving without creating pressure that could result in resistance from their clients.

The purpose of business is to make money, therefore, we’ve designed business actions and behaviors using a robust financial model. The metrics we tailor to you will be designed from analysis of your recent income statements, balance sheets, margins, A/R, collection, and financial tracking practices including WIP reporting. To put it simply, we’ll make sure what you track gives you valuable insight into your sales and business development.

We’ll dive into the relationship between Project Management and Project Coordination—two sides of the same coin but both pivotal to increasing your sales bandwidth. We’ll also show you how to set up efficient systems and behaviors for tracking the speed and efficacy of your individual production process to drive higher margins and create accurate close dates.

With our help, you’ll learn where to go, who to talk to, and what to say in order to drive the most effective lead generation program possible.

Someday you might want to sell your business. Or you might be ready to hand the reins to someone new. In either case, we’ll cover what it takes to get a business ready to sell and explore the things that add value to your business, how to implement value-adding practices, and how to build a management structure that’ll go on without you.


… so we can do a better job of serving you.

Please take a few minutes to answer some questions about you and your company, and how you would like to improve any or all areas of your business.