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3 Easy Steps to Coaching Mastery

Over the last two years, I have been offering monthly Roundtable discussions, to engage with owners and general managers of restoration construction companies to discuss the challenges they are facing as we emerge from the pandemic and get back to … Read More

How to Push Past the 3 Barriers That Stop Most Contractors from Increasing Their Profits

Do you know the 3 biggest barriers that block you from increasing your net profits, productivity and employee morale? If not, then read this immediately. Barrier #1: Finding and Keeping Good Help Finding and keeping good help these days can … Read More

2 Challenges to Great Employee Performance

Are you ready to discover the 2 challenges to seriously great employee performance? I’m going to give you two tips to make the day-to-day operations of your business a ton easier and more productive. Once you have these two things … Read More

3 Challenges that Kill Your Company’s Productivity

It’s one thing to drive your business to profitable levels of success. It’s quite another thing to keep it going year after year. After working with Contractors for over 20 years, I’ve learned there are three challenges that cause most … Read More

5 Hiring Mistakes Construction Companies Make that Cost Them Thousands, if not $100,000’s Per Year

Isn’t it time you found and kept good employees that care about the business as much as you do? Sounds almost too good to be true as a Contractor doesn’t it… When I was a painting contractor back in the … Read More

Great Leadership Really Means You are the Head Coach

Summary: Coaching is an integral part of a healthy sustainable business Leaders need to be able to impart their wisdom and inspire growth in their teams Match your employee’s skills and strengths with their accountabilities Know how to help each … Read More

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