Great Leadership Really Means You are the Head Coach


  • Coaching is an integral part of a healthy sustainable business
  • Leaders need to be able to impart their wisdom and inspire growth in their teams
  • Match your employee’s skills and strengths with their accountabilities
  • Know how to help each person move past their blocks to success unleashing their full potential

You now have a sufficient amount of actions, procedures, and processes to support an environment and culture that continuously drives both revenue and growth, it’s working, your business is successful, revenues are healthy, margins are where you want them to be. Congratulations…now you’re ready for the next step as an owner or general manager.

As a business owner or GM, now you can take the steps to ensure that your business can function without you as the driving force. Whether you want to work on vision, high-level strategy, or remain in a sales role, you must understand how to coach your workforce so they can work well without you.

I always say great leadership really means great coaching. The skills you learn about managing a business and excelling at your job shouldn’t disappear whenever you leave the room. You need to be willing and able to offer that expertise and wisdom to all levels of your company through what I call performance challenges. You hold the vision, you say where everyone is going, and you offer specific challenges to your team. Like sales challenges, closing jobs out challenges, collections challenges, then back it up with the support, coaching, and empowerment to help everyone get it done.

This is the opposite of the dangerous stress cycle owners and GMs fall into, where they succumb to the bad habit of responding only to each moment’s crisis, the whole day filled with putting out fires, and never taking sufficient proactive actions to work their way towards better workability. There are a few things that come to mind here…As you lead so they follow, and if you build they will come, both sayings pointing to your responsibility to design the business so everyone wins.

By being proactive, you’re throwing your business culture and team performance into a whole new gear. Think of it this way, many of your people are already working hard dealing with stressful challenging circumstances, customers, subs, etc. They can get tired and slow down a bit. Great team performance lives between people doing what they are committed to doing and what they are inspired to do. Your ability to throw in some fun, some playful challenges, and the empowerment and coaching to back it up has the potential to move team performance from business as usual to very high levels of accomplishment. That is the whole new gear I just mentioned. In our 10- week program, we create the foundation and environment to help you provide this kind of coaching in a weekly one- hour meeting, easily, and cost-effectively.

Coachable vs Un-coachable Behaviors

I like to think that employees are always “giving their best”. Unfortunately, for some employees, the best they can offer is still not the functional successful behavior you want in your business. The quicker you can distinguish that the better because the danger and risk is a significant loss of productivity and profits. I have seen too many owners and GM’s suffer a great expense trying to rescue and help long time employees when those employees were being completely unproductive, unsupportable, and un-coachable.

Our 10-week course is great at reconfiguring your perspective on what highly coachable behavior looks like. With clear reporting, easy-to-understand metrics, and our coaching on coaching I guarantee you that your employees will see the opportunity for performance in a whole new way.

Ready to try something new? Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. GNA helps you identify dysfunctional and functional behavior so that you can easily identify what is actually functional to the company. Once you’re grounded in what functional behavior looks like, you will likely still need to teach your employees how to step into a new way of being empowered.

Here are some tips…You can ask the following:

  • Where do you need coaching?
  • Where would you like to be more effective?
  • Where do you get stopped from being more effective?
  • How long has that _________been stopping you?
  • What is it costing you?
  • If we get past this what might be possible for you?

You will be surprised by how fast people begin to step up if you actually ask the questions. From there, you’re also teaching these employees to begin being proactively responsible for their own growth development.


Cultivate a culture where employees love a challenge, go for it, and know you have their back. That includes knowing some mistakes will be made, but that’s not a problem as there is a strong emphasis on going for it, swinging for the fences. Mistakes will be made, and you want all your employees the opportunity to learn from each one. In our 10 week course, we’ll show you how to remove the drama and emotion from the typical fear of failure and turn it into a learning experience that everyone can grow from. This is precisely why we emphasize reporting—it offers transparency, and through transparency, you have the maximal opportunity for each member of the team to learn from others.

This offers you a culture where your employees feel supported. When your workforce feels a sense of trust with you, they will take inspired risks, motivate one another, and push thresholds that they never thought could be pushed.

Your Next Steps

My mission is to demonstrate that a business embracing practices of kindness, respect and empowerment will be very, very successful and profitable.

Ready for a new level of success in your business?

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