What is your relationship to coaching?

The choices are…

1.    Leave me alone, I’m fine, I’m doing it my

way… or,

2.    Ok, you can help me if I like where this

is going and we do it my way… or,

3.    I’m open to your suggestions and appreciate

your help, support, partnership… or,

4.    I know I need help with _______ and_______.

Can  we set up a time for that?

Behaviors like 1 and 2 come from people who are going to get it done on their own, by themselves-not a problem if you’re up to something that is well within your skill set, as in many of the small day to day tasks we do are.

Behaviors like 3 and 4 come from people who have the self-esteem and emotional maturity to take on problems beyond their ability and requiring the help from others-like their team.

The question is: which behavior is going to get more work done? Which ones are most prevalent in your business culture?