People Learn by Doing

People retain 20% of what they are told in a classroom environment. That number rises to 80% when they are physically and mentally engaged. Studies show that within a year, adults will forget at least 50% of what they learn in a passive way.

Retention of new knowledge or skills is much higher if they have immediate and repeated opportunities to practice or use what’s being learned. It is for this reason, whenever practicable, the use of group and high participation methods of training and coaching should be considered.

This also explains why on-the-job training is so often most effective. It also underscores the importance of timing in all types of training. Scheduling learning experiences so that they dovetail with actual operational responsibilities optimizes the chance to use what was learned before it is forgotten. This is called “Just in Time Learning.”

This gives you a competitive and flexible business culture able to constantly learn and adapt.