Leadership Power Tools and Business Accelerators

Part 1 – Accountability

Think of these next 3 posts as business power tools, or even better, business accelerators. They combat against the drift of entropy towards business as usual and mediocrity that is common to every business.

1. Accountability – Brings focus to your operations, meaning, clarifying exactly what each person is accountable for, having every task in the business held within someone’s accountabilities. Assigning metrics for each accountability to drive and challenge production, and instituting a reporting structure that allows transparency of the work being done.

A very powerful tool if used well in a reporting structure. Empowers each individual with a sharp focus on the needed outcomes rather than the process, and lays a firm foundation for team support. Essential for a healthy functional business culture. The only other option is one of command and control – which at its best is nowhere near close in inspiring productivity and effectiveness, and at its worst, frustrating and exhausting.

Part 2 – Commitment Management – Out of “the Box” and into “the Gap”

In the same way that Accountability brings focus to your business, Commitment Management brings speed of execution to your day-to-day operations. This is a tool you really want to sharpen and master, because if you do, the payoff is huge. Everyone wants work to move forward powerfully, but you can’t have powerful actions without powerful speaking. First, let’s define “the box” and “the gap.”

The Box: That place of emotional safety where you are very comfortable making commitments towards what you know you can accomplish with no risk at all. That’s “the box.”

The Gap: When you commit to actions that take you just beyond your comfort zone, (the box), into that area where most of us would rather not visit unless we have to. That’s putting yourself into the gap. Those are the promises you want to listen for, those are the promises that move action forward powerfully.

“Necessity is the Mother of Invention” can mean we won’t go there unless we have to…and when we do, we discover new skills and abilities to perform work that weren’t there before. We get more work done in less time.

Commitment management is best used to help people make promises to execute the more important day-to-day actions. The act of Committing can be described as the backbone, strength, and driving force of achievement. Think of some accomplishment that is so bold it inspires you, and you will find one or more individuals fiercely committed to that work.

Your Next Steps

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