Humor…The Best Leadership Tool

Humor can show up naturally in successful businesses, but when it doesn’t, it’s in your best interest to inspire some humor anyway.

In highly productive and successful business environments there is a steady focus, lightness, room to breathe, and room for play and humor – and because the business is working, the emotional context of the business culture is light, fun, and playful. It’s one thing to have a successful and productive business, it’s quite another to be able to sustain it. Keeping a light, positive, happy working environment does that.

No matter what your circumstances are, as a leader in your business, you need to inspire productivity. Using humor as a tool can help you keep a positive context to the everyday challenges we face.

Recently, I was at the end of a day-long strategy and planning meeting when a business owner made a comment, “A year from now we’ll be loaning money to the banks.” That kind of positive energy sends a strong message to all the employees within hearing distance. Everyone loves to be on a winning team.