Where do You Waste Time and Money?

For most of us, where we waste time is not immediately apparent. Obviously if it were, we would correct it. But in the same way that we have employees operating with institutionalized behavior, so too is our view of our own inefficiencies justified, and often with something as innocent as “that’s the way we have always done it.”  Hence the saying, ”Organizations rise to their own level of incompetence.”

I frequently run across the regular practice of calling a sub-contractor four to six times to show up for a work assignment. Now, multiply that with how many leads you have, managing how many subs, then add in PMs coordinating with the leads, architects, and owners….get the picture? Are you making a lot of phone calls to get just one thing done? There must be a better way.

Well, there is a solution to this. To have people in your organization be more accountable, you just need to ask them, you need to change the way you have been managing them, and most importantly, you need to change the things in your business that are driving the behaviors of your employees.

The culture, (which is what drives behavior), of your business is made from the systems, structures, and practices going on in your business.  To have a culture of accountability, you need to change the business structures.  From job descriptions to systems and practices for project management. Having the right practices, systems, and structures produces a completely different set of behaviors.