Netflix is doing it right

In a world where “more faster” is better, Netflix stands out as a company doing a great job of delivering on their promise to customers-and why wouldn’t they with a business culture that actually walks their talk?

Starting with leading edge value statements like “Values are what we Value, High Performance, Freedom & Responsibility, Context, not Control, and Highly Aligned Loosely Coupled” they follow actions that support that evidenced by the low turnover of highly productive, loyal employees.

Most companies stop at this point…

Netflix follows with practices that support highly functional behaviors like treating people with respect, listening well, accomplishing amazing amounts of work, challenging prevailing assumptions, questioning actions that don’t support the vision, making tough decisions without excessive agonizing, inspiring others, and caring intensely for Netflix success. Salaried employees are acknowledged and paid according to how well they perform these behaviors.

If you find it inspiring to see what’s possible in someone else’s company, check out the Netflix PowerPoint they use as a steering document. I would be happy to forward it to you.