True Power vs. Force, Effort, or Struggle

Power can be defined as the speed with which you can make work happen, to get something done, to move a project from an idea to completion.

A powerful leader is someone able to communicate a vision that inspires action in those around them.

Powerful communication causes increasing productivity, evidenced with moods embracing risk, challenge and a “get the job done” attitude. Forceful communication results in productivity that constantly, and very quickly, winds down, requiring more and more energy to keep things moving, and evidenced by effort, struggle, and frustration.

The saying goes, as you lead, so they will follow. It all starts with you. Start by being inspired with your own vision and message, then communicate it over and over.

Your Next Steps

My mission is to demonstrate that a business embracing practices of kindness, respect and empowerment will be very, very successful and profitable.  

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