The Stick Management Style

This is another point of view thing-and don’t underestimate the power of your POV. It’s something we see and accept without question most of the time. Meaning, we’re right, and someone else is wrong, and that’s the way it is!

If your POV sees that people make stupid mistakes around you, it follows that even though you suffer from the stress of these situations, you know they will continue to mess up. And your management style likely follows with you being the only person who can clean up the mess, because you’re the only person you can really trust.

Managing people from a punitive stress cycle like that is like a self-reinforcing feedback loop-the more you do it, the more justified, (right), you are for the need to continue. Inspiring fear is probably the most de-motivating and crippling thing you can do to slow things down in your business.

How to get out? It takes a lot of intelligence to see that problems only happen where your business is weak, and are really opportunities to get stronger.