The Practice of Breakthrough Performance

I don’t mean improvement, and I don’t even mean significant improvement. I mean Breakthrough Performance, as in something happens that was NOT going to happen otherwise in the normal course of events. Something happens that is completely discontinuous from recent historical actions. These kinds of breakthroughs don’t happen by accident, they happen in a condition that is breakthrough friendly. There is a science to it, it is repeatable. They happen as a result of very certain and definite practices – impeccable integrity, being your word, accountability, being unreasonable, being unstoppable. So, if you want to have significant improvement, you can take steps to prepare for it. 

Breakthroughs happen when you’re in a state of breakthrough readiness – you’re waiting for it, you’re expecting it. You did the work, and you KNOW it’s coming home to you. You’re certain,  you’re a demand for it, a stand for it, you will accept nothing less. You won’t stop until you bring it home. Usually things happen quite fast from this state. It’s non linear in that people describe producing unprecedented levels of work, and it’s effortless. It doesn’t make sense. They can’t even figure it out from a logical sequential perspective.

Can people transform their productivity and take their performance to new levels? Absolutely. We see it all the time in sports, but just like sports, it takes practice. How do you get there in business? By practicing giving your word, keeping it, or make a new promise as needed. Being impeccable with your word, be unstoppable in your actions, being reasonable in your standards and day to day business operations. Then, watch people unleash their potential.