Stress Management vs. Breakthrough Management

It’s easy to have an angry response to some circumstance that didn’t go well. There is even a way that employees get set up to fail when owners don’t make the right requests, don’t make large enough requests, then get upset when they don’t deliver.

The way you’re managing and requesting may be sending a message to play small, be careful, and take no risk-do just enough to get your job done. As a practice, that kind of Management is not aligned, nor congruent, with breakthrough performance.

What is aligned, congruent, and supportive of high performance is:

  • Make large requests before you need them.
  • Make unreasonable requests and offer unstoppable support to get it done.
  • Make big requests that are NOT driven by the circumstances.
  • Inspire people to work hard, really hard, but keep it light and fun.

Everyone wants to be on a winning team, for the fun, for the satisfaction, and for the accomplishment.