Mediocrity vs. Sustainable Profitability

Option A: A business run by systems and procedures with obedient, but faceless, employees blindly obeying what they have been told to do-to produce the most cost effective product sold for the least amount of money in a highly competitive market where companies race to the bottom of the price scale leaving customers no choice other than to take the cheapest option since they are otherwise indistinguishable.

Challenges: Tons of competition; very slim margins; you are constantly needed to solve every problem and make every decision, costing a great deal of your time and energy.

 Inexpensive labor costs; easily replaced employees; low maintenance; simple to train and manage.

Option B: A business run by a collection of the most highly skilled professionals who work better than anything imaginable because that’s what they love to do, that’s what they need to do, that’s who they are. They reward you with their best effort, working harder, longer, and producing more than you pay them to because you have given them a work environment that’s not easily found. You pay them in the rare currency of freedom, respect, and a great deal of responsibility, and of course…cash.

Challenges: Higher pay; harder to replace; requires more training, coaching.

Benefits: Produces more than you can even imagine; produces work that’s never been done before, and 90% of the time or more they’re happy to do it completely without you!

Like the man said, whether you think you can do this or not, you will be right.