Lifting the Veils…

One thing we all have is a personality, and each of our personalities colors our own expressions and view of life. While the impact of that is typically felt by everyone in the room, the distinctions thereof go largely unexamined.

Here are four common types to play with.

The Hero has a very strong personality, really likes being the boss, needs to be the one in charge. Very hands on, loves to get on the job and get work done – whatever it is, he can get it done. Has lots of energy, deals well with stress, conflict, deadlines, etc. Can’t coach and manage others that are NOT like himself – can’t figure out why they just don’t go get it done like he does. (What’s their problem?)

The Performer, the master doer, figures out the fastest way to get anything done,  loves to work, deals well with challenges,  also large capacity for stress. Will likely just go get something done before he delegates and “waits” for someone else. Creates a culture of people who are always waiting for him to get the big jobs, the important jobs, the urgent jobs done.

The Worrier always sees the cup half empty, likes to make sure all the bases are covered before deciding anything. Analysis paralysis, fear based behavior, likes to think everything through, excessive planning before execution.

The Nice Guy is non confrontational, cup is always half full, no worries, life is always great. Can’t handle the tough sale, the big sale, moves away from anything stressful, has a hard time managing people when you need to make large requests, or handle the tough.

Your Next Steps

My mission is to demonstrate that a business embracing practices of kindness, respect and empowerment will be very, very successful and profitable.  

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