3 Simple Tools – Simple, But Not So Easy

We gave a talk at Crawford and it was very well received, so here are some thoughts from our presentation in brief.

Over Promise and Over Deliver

If you have your teams focusing on making commitments and keeping them, you’re way ahead of the pack.


It’s a personal choice, you can’t make someone accountable. It’s not about control, it’s about freedom. Freedom Based Management is way less effort on your part, and far more profitable. Benefits to you are:

Clarity of direction – working smart.

Transparency of information – ability to see what’s happening right now.

Restores power to the person who needs it to get their work done.


Combining unreasonable requests and performance challenges, with an attitude of “whatever it takes to get the job done” support leads to the highest productivity, and a very successful business.

The real power is when you put all three tools together. Enjoy!