Building a World Class Organization

Here are few things I see lately in very successful companies, all of which needs to be alive and active in the business culture–Really Great Spirit, Morale, and an Upbeat Positive Mood. The best Leaders embody this all the time. 

Humor – This is actually a significant sign of cultural health when it comes as a result of the other things listed here, and not at the expense thereof. Many organizations have jokes and humor in place of productivity, like a band-aid to cover the pain. When your company has a high degree of integrity and productivity, then humor shows up with very high levels of productivity in the background. This is excellent, as it supports high levels of productivity in occurring naturally and easily. Otherwise, it becomes a grind and leads to burn out, stress, people getting tired, etc.

Impeccable Integrity – This doesn’t mean people don’t make mistakes, or even big mistakes. It means when they do, you handle it fast. Rigorous housekeeping keeps everyone impeccable. 

Continuous Improvement – The best way to stay successful is to embrace change, education, something – anything to improve. If you take a little new ground in each area each week, the organizational gains are huge.

Acknowledgement and Coaching – Coming from owners and senior managers, that means a lot to people and is a huge significant motivator.