Blind Spots of Leaders

The better people work together in your business, the better the results and profits. Your business culture impacts your employee’s behavior, shaping those daily results. And as a leader in your business, you determine the business culture by the business practices, procedures, and systems you teach others to use.

The fact that everyone is following your lead is difficult to see for many, and a tough pill to swallow for some. As the saying goes, “As you lead, so they follow.” Don’t like the way they follow, want a different result? Then change the way you lead.

Three things you can look for, and three actions you can take right now:
1. You’re always being “Right” and blaming others for being wrong.
2. You have an “I Know, you don’t” attitude.
3. Your insensitive about the impact of being an owner has on others.

1. Stop being right – admit to your team when you make a mistake.
2. Don’t try to know everything, ask for help and let your teams contribute to you.
3. Be aware that your role as an owner has a very big impact on employees.