Why Should You Be the Only One?

As a business owner, you’re completely committed. You’re committed to your customers, you’re committed to meet your overhead, and you’re committed to your employees. You can’t get more committed than that!

But if you’re the only one in your company that’s giving and keeping your word on a daily basis, doesn’t that seem a little unfair…not to mention stressful?  The truth is, not having internal practices of giving and keeping your word is not only stressful for you, it’s a huge loss of power and effectiveness.

The simple logic here is that everything that happens in your business, happens in time at some point or another. Therefore, it’s a committable action. Sales, collections, estimates, job end dates – all committable actions that have to happen in time.

Your ability to make the request for a commitment or promise helps others be responsible for what they will do before the fact, rather than waiting to see how it will all turn out. That practice will bring a whole lot more power and effectiveness to your organization – but you have to get it set up by making the request.

For a full read on Promise Based management click here for a very good article done by Harvard Business Review.