Why Are Customers Not Buying From You Right Now?

I say because they are afraid.

People buy based on emotion, so it follows that they don’t buy because of emotion. 

Every week I hear stories of sales people getting to the point of decision and not getting the sale, they lost control (if they ever had it), but kept going thinking they still had a fish on the line.

In short, in many cases, they lost control because they paid more attention to their own agenda rather then to the customer’s needs, wants, and concerns.  

Your job is to have them feel comfortable so they can spend some money,

You need a step by step method from hello to signed contract, that keeps you in sync with your customer through each step in the process so that you both can be ready to commit,  

Do you have a sales process that delivers customers better than 50% of the time?

Please share your process or your comments and questions below.  Let’s keep this discussion going!

Your Next Steps

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