Stacking the Deck in your Favor

It’s important to distinguish someone’s technical job skill abilities separate from their ability to work with others in a team environment. Often, I see companies that have hired someone who is very good at what they do, but throws everything and everyone around them into chaos. Is it really worth it?

Only you can decide for your own business. But, keep in mind that what’s been found in both corporate and military team making, the most successful teams do not always start out with the personnel possessing the necessary skills. They do have the passion and the drive to do what needs to be done, so hiring is critical for the right skills and behaviors. But, of the two choices, which is more important?

People can learn new skills – if they want to, and as fast as they want to. But learning new behaviors is a bit more challenging.

Identify those people who already practice the behaviors you are looking for. Then allowing employees to be themselves and make decisions about how to get the job done based on common sense and their natural inclinations, produces a far more productive environment.