Reasons Sales Managers Fail

A CEO of a mid-sized company recently told me she didn’t really care how her sales team got results. She just cared that they did and explained to me how the compensation plan was set up to motivate success. This same CEO has experienced expensive turnover in her VP of Sales position. Her only method of improving results seems to be to change the people responsible. That’s a shame because I’ll bet some of the VP’s in her revolving door could have been successful.

1. Don’t know what a salesperson needs to do on a weekly or monthly basis to meet goals
2. Do not insure their people are doing it
3. Have no systematic way to train or coach people to achieve the necessary results (assuming they are doing the activities)
4. Keep the wrong salespeople on their team and fail to recognize the good ones because they don’t do 1-3.

I recommend managers start with #1 first. If you examine the salespeople in an organization, odds are that most of them will have no idea what they need to do to be successful. They are in reactionary mode. Answer emails, return phone calls, respond to bid requests, RFP’s and RFI’s, attend meetings. And those few that do have some idea probably each have their own different versions of a cookbook or recipe for success. If you are a manager, click hereto read my article referenced on to learn more about forecasting methods and cookbooks.

Why Managers Fail to Keep Their Team Accountable – May 21st

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