Real Accountability & Employee Ownership

From Article Published In RIA’s Cleaning & Restoration February 2017

Real accountability is where employees take ownership of everything around them and behave like an owner. The BIG SECRET to having employees fully committed and engaged is in actually treating them like owners. Start trusting and giving employees the opportunity to behave like an owner. Give them everything they need in the form of information, training, support, coaching, empowerment, and responsibility; and expect them to step up to the opportunity.

Having done this with hundreds of companies, I have seen this over and over … give employees the opportunity to step up and be accountable and they do – every time. When you give employees everything they need to thrive at work, they do. And with it, productivity goes up, and profits follow

Yes, I could go on, an on about this. It has made my clients so much money. A conversation works so much better. Just give me a call, and I will empower you to increase the engagement levels of your employees.