Compliance vs. Initiative

Initiative’s reward is the work itself.
Compliance works only for the reward.

Initiative thinks, then acts.
Compliance acts, then (maybe) thinks, then regrets.

Initiative creates plans and actions as needed.
Compliance copies the actions of others.

Initiative seeks to empower others.
Compliance uses resources to protect his/her own position.

Initiative risks committing and stands by it.
Compliance avoids the risk of commitment for fear of not looking good.

Initiative inspires good work in others.
Compliance demands work in others through control and fear.

Initiative learns from mistakes.
Compliance avoids mistakes at all costs.

Think about it: Didn’t every positive achievement in your business come from either yours or someone else’s initiative?

You have a choice. Fill your company with more compliant, less expensive people, or you can staff up with people who have stronger leadership. They might cost a bit more, but which gives you better ROI and peace of mind?