Authenticity vs Strategy

Marketing is tough work. To do it well, cold calls, whether in person or on the phone, takes substantial skill in perseverance.

Skills in perseverance equate to the kind of emotional intelligence that offers self confidence, self esteem, self trust, and the ambition you need to make the next call when the last 5 or 10 didn’t go successfully.

Successful marketers don’t buy into the negative conversations circling through their mind – they stay focused and keep their eye on the goal. Marketers successful in their work have the above qualities plus the willingness to work hard knowing and trusting it will pay off.

This is the kind of person who knows to just be your self with potential customers. A marketer comfortable being themself makes others feel comfortable too. They’re easy to talk to, easy to get to know. And that’s very attractive to your customers.

Here’s the problem: When things start getting tough, some marketers and sales people start designing clever strategies to compensate. Now, instead of just showing up being your self, you have some tricky things you’re trying to do to “get your foot in the door.”

Customers hate this…and it costs you their trust. And because your strategies are based on a premise that it’s going to be difficult, (justified from past experience), you have now set up the expectation for more of the same….hoping for a different result. Phew, that’s exhausting to even think about.

Give your self and your customers a break. Be real, be sincere-be authentic.