5 Stages of Success or Control – Your Choice

Stage 1: It really is all about you at this stage.

You do everything, wear all the hats, cover all the bases, and if you have the strength to, you move on.

Stage 2: The beginning of Control or Freedom Based Management

You learn how to create success, hire employees, and begin to delegate. How you delegate either sets you up for even bigger problems later, or considerably easier success.

Stage 3: The beginning of where the paths can diverge dramatically.

You start to have employees who excel when they are coached and experience being held to account as empowerment; who love to play the game of business, becoming self managing and self generating; or you don’t, and you are working extra hard and long hours to compensate.

Stage 4: Raising the bar up to Team Performance – From “Me” to “We”.

You train, coach, and mentor Team Performance to be the driving force of the business. Mutual Accountability shows up – your job becomes much easier. Or, if you took a different path at Stage 2, it’s likely that real teammanship is not a possibility and therefore, getting to Stage 5 is almost impossible.

Stage 5: You set up performance challenges, continue coaching and mentoring for best performance, and plan your succession or exit strategy.