Greg Neil


I grew up around building and construction. When I was a kid my father was a schoolteacher, and during his summers off he worked in construction. Whenever we needed something, we built it ourselves, decks, patios, even minor upgrades. So naturally when I got out of school and got a job it was in construction.

One day when I was 20 years old, my boss had me and another other guy distribute a large stack of sheetrock that was collapsing the corner of the 2nd floor of the motel we were building. After figuring out I had just carried my half of 20,000 tons of rock in 3 days, I realized if I could do that, I could run my own business.  So, the next day, I told my boss I was starting my own business. I can still see the look on his face, a combination of curiosity, concern, and amusement. 

The first year or so was a bit thin, but it wasn’t long before I got licensed, (#428883) and was making way more money than all my friends who were still in college. My business grew and financed my early studies in psychology, human motivation, and organizational transformation, as well as exploring every great restaurant in San Francisco, and a lot of fun weekend ski trips to Lake Tahoe.

I never saw a career as a business coach coming, but one day many years later, while traveling I found myself meeting a fellow traveler named Simon for coffee every morning. We were in India at the time, and he was from Germany.  To my surprise one morning, Simon invited me to come to Germany so we could work together. A few months later, just before my visa expired and down to my last $100 and a plane ticket, I took him up on his offer.  With his introduction, I got a one-year contract to offer sales coaching to a software company with 9 locations all over Germany. 

The year was 1997…. now 22 years later, and over 8,000 weekly meetings with companies all over the US, Germany, and a bit of time in Canada, I have had lots of time to study the challenges of our industry, and put together a curriculum that offers solutions integrating the best practices in all areas of business, combined with over 40 years of study in human motivation and organizational transformation. 

We take the success of your business seriously.  The GNA curriculum offers a step by step simple, practical, yet powerful methodology, to unleash the real potential of leadership, ownership, and accountability at all levels of your business.  Our commitment at GNA is to build a new way for all of us to engage in the way we do business.

John McPhillips

Senior Associate

After graduating from Iona College with a BBA in Marketing, John worked in Manhattan for over 30 years. As an Area Manager in the Business Services industry. He was responsible for managing back-office operations for some of the largest law firms and Corporations, include The National Football League (NFL) and The National Basketball Association (NBA) During this time John had upwards of 200 employees working for him at as many as 20 locations. His responsibilities included, P & L, total client satisfaction, and operations. He saved his clients millions of dollars though cost saving initiatives and creating efficient processes using his Six Sigma Green Belt training.

In 2017 John left the Business Services industry to become the General Manager of a 2-million-dollar Fire, Water, Mold Restoration company. Over the next 5 years, under his leadership, that company grow into a 7.5-million-dollar business. John did this by taking his 30 years of business experience and applying it to the restoration business. John grew the business from 1 to 3 locations. He grown staff from 8 employees to 30 while increasing level of service and customer satisfaction. In addition, John, established field, and technical services policies and practices and wrote the company’s operations manual. In addition to operations John also was responsible for the Sales team John hired, trained, and managed a team went for zero revenue to over $850,000 in one year. John was also responsible for all HR functions.

John went on to say, “It’s inspiring to be able to work with a brilliant and dynamic person like Steve. We embrace the diversity and bring our backgrounds and perspectives together to come up with excellent ideas and best practices. The work is exciting and meaningful. I’m proud to be a part of GNA!

John lives in Orange County NY with his wife of 39 years and Daughter. John’s son is married and lives in Orlando FL. In his spare time John enjoys spending time with friends and family, sports and volunteers with his church and local organizations.

Barbara Neil

Project Manager

Barbara hails from a small town in the western world or Oregon,  were talking small, here…you could spit form one end of town to the other.

After Ms B finished her small- town education she set her sails for the big streets of San Francisco where she was welcomed with fame and fortune.

After sweating through some rather challenging environments Ms B found herself finally being recognized for the power-house she is in a series of long term assignments serving major big bucks multi-millionaires.  Ms B quickly developed a name for herself as the powerful right hand to each of her executive bosses,  responsible for the management of their teams of 50 – 150 persons strong, and able to reach some of the wealthiest and most successful business executives like Steve Jobs, Larry Ellison, and many other major big dudes, with a quick little flip of her wrist and press of her pinky onto her speed dial,  and these powerful dudes would coming running.  Major amounts of work and really big deals were accomplished.   

 After more than a decade of demonstrating her mastery of service to the rich and famous,  and seeking new horizons and greater challenges,  Ms B married one of the most awesome men in the world, being friends for over 35 years anyway. They now live happily together somewhere in the southwest territory where Ms B works tirelessly as a PSA trainer for Can Am systems, plus her house duties, shopping, gardening, and whatever time and attention she has left she devotes to anticipating her husbands every need.