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GNA Strategy sessions

3-Hour Power Sessions that deliver on-demand troubleshooting
or long term planning on a topic of your choice:
$ 1,400
per month

  • Plan Financial practices and procedures for profitability
  • Establish better "works in progress" systems
  • Organize best hiring prcatices
  • Optimize Best Practices For Breakthrough Culture Performance
  • Layout Strategies for Building Strong Management Teams
  • Dive Deep into Specific Challenges
  • Strategy and Roadmap for Best Practices
  • Unlimited Q &A
  • Email & SMS follow-up support

Success Plan

Ongoing all-access success mentoring with team management
and weekly hands-on support to guarantee ongoing success:
$ 3,500
per month
  • 1 hour weekly meeting on zoom & unlimited email and SMS support
  • Build a fast moving, highly motivating weekly team meeting that supports transparency & strengthens team accountability
  • Create a business culture for financial performance, continuous improvements, ongoing learning, and ownership
  • Coach and train all key positions to make promises to drive sales, closed jobs, and margins
  • Complete team member personality assessments
  • Build Financial Model for Profitable Margins & Growth
  • Develop reports & financial tracking for all key positions
  • Build all HR procedures to support a sustainable culture of Breakthrough Performance

Hire & Retain Great Talent

Top talent responds to a win-win culture of excellence and empowerment

Build Strong

Expert financial planning and tracking builds exponentially higher ROI

Drive Up Margins

Jobs close faster with better production team controls

Collect Money Faster

Build Practices for a 15 day collection cycle

Develop Your Star Team!

Build a culture of coaching, accountability, and empowerment


Your Foundation for Success

Monthly 2.5 Hour Power Sessions with GNA experts and Indusrty Peers.

$ 1,400 per Month

Deep Dive into your Specific and Unique challenges Learn how to effectively create a Strategy and Roadmap for Success Build Best Practices for a Culture of Breakthrough Performance in your company!

Topics include:


The Ultimate Revenue Booster & Success Generator

$ 3,500 per month

Weekly 1 hour team meetings on zoom & unlimited phone, email & SMS support

Grow your business with us!

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