My Company Report Card

My Company Report Card

What’s your business SCORE? Find out now with our custom GNA Report Card!

If you want your business to perform at its best, your road starts right here. Take just a couple of minutes to fill us in on the facts about every department of your business. Don’t overthink it, just put down what you know. We’ll send you your personalized Report Card, with your strengths and achievements as well as the places where there’s room for improvement.

So our first call will be time well spent, where we can get right down to your goals, what you feel is standing in your way, and how you want to move forward to overcome your obstacles and start seeing your energy, productivity, and most of all PROFITS shoot through the roof.

Please take a look at each of these following statements and give your most honest answer.
We’re excited to deliver your personal GNA Report Card, and get started on how to turn you into a Straight A+ Enterprise!

Best number to contact you for our introduction call.
Please enter the top three areas you would like to focus on.
Pick an answer between 1 to 5 for each of these statements about challenges and strengths that you may be experiencing in your business.
1 is “This never applies to me” and 5 is “This always applies to me.”
Financial Performance
Marketing and Sales Performance
Team Performance
Customer Satisfaction