GNA Inc.

Attention Construction and Restoration Companies.

 Are you ready to gain 10 to 15 points in your gross margin?

Would you be ok if that fell right to your net profit without an increase to your overhead?

Are you really tired of being the driving force to make everything happen in your business?

If your answer is YES!!! to even one of those,  then keep reading because,

We’ve got some work to do.

GNA helps construction and restoration companies build a financially focused performance culture that results in every person giving their best effort.

The bottom line;  When your key people give their best efforts,  their productivity goes way up, and your business is very profitable.  It’s really that simple. And now for the first time,  we’re offering you the benefits we have given hundreds of companies for the last 24 years in our 10 Weeks to Better Profits Course.

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“We’ve increased almost 10 points on profit margin over two and a half years. Our net has gone up. Our overhead is looking vey good.”
Chad Boyd
Stratton Restoration
“I’d recommend Greg to anybody that wants to work lesss and not give up anything in terms of volume or income. Your employees will be happier too.”
Jeff Farley
Custom Restoration
“Right from the beginning I could see results. Our marketing and sales are going well, and I would recommend him highly.”
Patrick Miller
Bohemian Stoneworks




With the increase in productivity our clients are able to take on more projects with the same team, and then once we’ve worked on their sales system we see on average a 300% increase in top line revenue.



1000% might seem like an outrageous number to you, but it’s what I have come to expect my clients will get by working with me.



Once we have the correct team meeting in place, by in from the employees and worked on how to schedule projects correctly, we see the teams productivity increase and our clients stop wasting money.

Your Company, Being Very Profitable

The 10 Weeks to Better Profits Course gives you everything you need to get started on a road to success.

The top 3 three benefits companies report having from working with GNA;

Higher margins, increased sales, and employees who take ownership, and are accountable

Proven Blueprint

From our work with hundreds of companies over a 24- year period,  we have developed an easy step by step process suitable for every company no matter what size you are. 

We will guide you each step of the way to give you clear outcomes in a convenient weekly structured online format.   

You will begin to see results immediately.

A Financial Performance Culture

It’s a proven fact that employees working smart not only are more productive, but they are more profitable than employees merely working hard.

That’s exactly what we offer.

  • Employees take more responsibility for being profitable.
  • Their understanding, ownership, motivation, and satisfaction goes up.
  • As their empowerment becomes the driving force of the business, everything runs better, and the business is more profitable.

A Financially Focused Performance Business Culture

That’s exactly what the promise of the 10 Weeks to Better Profits course is.

In 10 Weeks you will get;

  • How to build accountability, ownership, and financial awareness into daily and weekly practices
  • How to support that with a powerful weekly team meetings
  • An internal program that builds profitable leadership with every key employee
  • A management model that grows with your company’s success

Lasting Success

Our 10 Weeks to Better Profits is just $1,500.

That’s only $150 a session, for 10 weeks, and you get the technology, practices, and knowledge to;

  • Drive margins up gaining net profits
  • Drive business development, sales
  • Get jobs closed out faster with better customer satisfaction

Are you ready for some serious ROI?

Claim your seat in the 10-week course!


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What we Promise to you in Just 10 Weeks



This is your blueprint for success, the driving force of all performance, and the model for all success. 



We’ll help you figure out what it actually costs to run your business and show you how to set up financial tracking so you can ensure your business thrives long into the future.



We’ll take you step by step to help you develop great metrics for key employees that put them on the track for success, performance, and profits.



One highly efficient and highly engaging meeting is all you need per week to keep everyone reporting their progress, advocating transparency, focusing on strategies that work, and drive productivity. We’ll show you how to make that happen.

What you get in 10 weeks

  • Your key employees will understand what they’re accountable for and feel challenged and empowered to achieve those metrics
  • Every task that drives your business will be accounted for and held by an employee
  • Clear metrics that support profitable success at the individual, team, and company level
  • A blueprint for a powerfully effective 1-hour weekly meeting that drives the focus, continued learning, and breakthrough achievements of your workforce
  • Key employees of your team wanting to step up to act and perform with ownership


Greg Neil

  • Over 45 years of experience in business psychology and organizational transformation
  • 25 years of business coaching in the construction industry
  • Previous Speaker at RIA, Crawford, JLC, NARI, DKI and USGBC
  • Published in Cleaning and Restoration 2009-2016
  • Published in Remodel Magazine

Ken Barnard

  • Finance degree and MBA
  • VP of Finance & Operations for a $25M startup
  • Administrator, COO & CFO for a private $50M healthcare provider
  • General Manager of a $13M restoration company
  • Currently Owner of a highly successful Restoration Company
  • Passionate about coaching others in financial practices

Ryan Pritchard

  • Sales Manager for Canam Systems, the leading ERP solution provider for Property Restoration
  • Spent the last 15 years in customer service & sales
  • Heavily involved in the Insurance Restoration Industry, through his public speaking & white papers
  • Provides strong company growth, promoting and selling PSA as the top ERP software solution in North America

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Have questions? Sign up for a FREE, no obligation 30 minute call with Greg Neil.