Who is Running Your Business…Really

Your view and response to this question dictates the actions you take.

If you think you’re running your business, then your actions put you at the center of the universe so you can feel like you’re in control, calling all the shots and managing day to day operations and decisions. Even if you can see yourself doing this with part of your day, it may be enough to be causing major problems by training everyone around you to depend on you and you alone…and that adds to your stress, reinforcing the original view that you have to do everything yourself – you’re the only one you can trust, right?

If you think it’s your employees, then your actions go towards how to support them in working even more autonomously. (Makes sense since there is only one you and a bunch of them.) The difficult thing for many owners to see is, how to give up control and empower each person in practices of being completely accountable, ultimately giving both parties everything they need and want.