Understanding Your Workforce

Many business owners carry “management habits” from their early days of running the business – whether it’s something in their personality driving that behavior, or something they picked up along the way. Some of those “management habits” may be working against you to actually slow down productivity and de-motivate people. And then when you see otherwise intelligent, educated, skilled, people contracted into not thinking for themselves, not taking appropriate actions, allowing things to slip through the cracks, afraid to take a risk for fear of making a mistake, you think there must be something wrong with them. In frustration, you do even more of what didn’t work in the first place, and nothing changes. It just gets worse. Sound familiar?

So how do you change that? While it’s true that “as you lead, so they will follow”,  to really impact your entire workforce, you need more than just the mere impact of a change in your own actions and leadership. You need to focus on your business culture. To have the greatest leverage of your time and management, the most effective impact you can make on each person’s performance is through affecting your business culture. It’s worth putting a great deal of attention on. Take care of your business culture, and it will take care of you.
Stay tuned for some ideas on how to do that.
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