Trusting in Something Bigger Than You

My point here is for you to ask yourself: Where are you placing your trust, or more specifically, how often are you placing your trust in something greater than yourself? Whether that be your business, your teams, or something beyond our understanding.

My question for you is: What are you standing for? What is your vision for moving forward? What does the future of your business look like for each person who works for you?

Do you have something big enough to inspire each person, or you playing so small that each person is comfortably relying on what is well within their own human capacity to achieve? Because without some kind of declared future, everyone will default to having all their attention on just paying the bills, just surviving and just getting by.

Can you create, design, or in some way, come up with something that demonstrates the greatness a company like yours deserves? Can you come up with something that grabs the attention of every employee and inspires them to new levels of productivity beyond what they ever thought possible for themselves? Something that will undoubtedly test the trust and faith of everyone and move them from their own individual concerns, to the team, to the whole business, or even to possibly, requiring them to call on a power greater than all that.

I can think of no better role for the leadership of a company than to deliver the experience and education to each person working there of what it is to be great. To be a role model that sets new standards for what’s possible in business and your communities, with the humility and wisdom that no one of us is more important than all of us.

Nothing inspires more than a leader standing for something new, declaring a direction that is quite large-but doable. So large it immediately stands in crystal clear contrast as an inspiring call to action away from anything that is not that, anything that is inconsistent or not aligned with that such as any petty, small, negative behaviors or habits. Go for it…