To Commit or Not to Commit

As a leader and owner of your business, you’re already committed – to your customers, to your overhead, to meeting staff payroll. You’re completely committed. Then why is it that the internal workings of businesses seem to be so commitment phobic? Why would you let important work happen with less than clear promises with a “by when” attached as needed?

The fact is, having practices that support meeting deadlines on time can only make you stronger and more profitable. Another fact is, the better you are at meeting your customers’ needs, the more satisfied they are, and the more they trust you. The fact that you’re saying you would perform something, and the fact that you did what you said with your customers, is a source of delight and satisfaction to them.

It’s no different for the internal practices in your business. With all the work that goes on internally, from the early marketing efforts, all the way to collecting the final check, it all has to be done, and it has to be done in time.

It’s your choice: the satisfaction and power or results happening when you need them, or the frustration from the lack of.