The Daily Choice

Leaders challenge the status quo.
Managers maintain the status quo.

Leaders take risks.
Managers do risk management.

Leaders are motivated for the accomplishment and the community.
Managers are motivated for the rewards.

Leaders take action in the face of being very uncomfortable.
Managers avoid uncomfortable situations.

Leaders give voice to their convictions.
Managers give voice to someone else’s convictions.

Leaders have initiatives.
Managers have rules.

Leaders invent, create, and cause change.
Managers maintain existing norms and roles.

Leaders cause growth for the reward of its social value.
Managers seek reward for their own personal value.

Leaders devote themselves to giving their best.
Managers are concerned with getting your best.

Leaders know when to quit and when to conserve energy and resources.
Managers avoid the risk of wasting resources.

Leaders manage through igniting passion and inspiration.
Managers motivate through fear, domination, and control.

You get to choose every single day whether to be a leader or a manager.

Your Next Steps

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