Barbara Neil

Project Manager

Barbara hails from a small town in the western world or Oregon,  were talking small, here…you could spit form one end of town to the other.

After Ms B finished her small- town education she set her sails for the big streets of San Francisco where she was welcomed with fame and fortune.

After sweating through some rather challenging environments Ms B found herself finally being recognized for the power-house she is in a series of long term assignments serving major big bucks multi-millionaires.  Ms B quickly developed a name for herself as the powerful right hand to each of her executive bosses,  responsible for the management of their teams of 50 – 150 persons strong, and able to reach some of the wealthiest and most successful business executives like Steve Jobs, Larry Ellison, and many other major big dudes, with a quick little flip of her wrist and press of her pinky onto her speed dial,  and these powerful dudes would coming running.  Major amounts of work and really big deals were accomplished.   

 After more than a decade of demonstrating her mastery of service to the rich and famous,  and seeking new horizons and greater challenges,  Ms B married one of the most awesome men in the world, being friends for over 35 years anyway. They now live happily together somewhere in the southwest territory where Ms B works tirelessly as a PSA trainer for Can Am systems, plus her house duties, shopping, gardening, and whatever time and attention she has left she devotes to anticipating her husbands every need.