Selling vs. Serving – Which has better cash flow?

A wise person once told me “The Sole of Money is Service to Others.” But it’s so hard to keep that in mind when you really need to make a sale. Nothing drives a sale away faster than your customers feeling like you need this more than they do because your creeping overhead is driving your decision making process.

How do you turn this around fast? Keep your employee’s attention on what you can give vs. what you can get.

Coach your sales staff in distinguishing what you have to offer that’s your “unique selling proposition,” and offer it to every new customer, every day. Coach every employee who interacts with a customer to focus on giving extraordinary customer service, attention, and support – and watch what happens to your cash flow.

Your Next Steps

My mission is to demonstrate that a business embracing practices of kindness, respect and empowerment will be very, very successful and profitable.  

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