Right Use of Power – The Integrity of Performance

We all want powerful results, but those kinds of results don’t just show up out of nowhere,  they are born from a business culture designed for success. High performance only comes from a culture of phenomenal integrity, and integrity is a personal matter – how you lead, and the behavior of each person working for you.

Specifically, how you and your key staff, managers, and teams coordinate and execute. Meaning, personal habits for doing what they say, planning, being in action with a high degree of effectiveness, and having the personal integrity to be self-motivated.

I can always tell what condition a business is in by observing how people are spending their time. In businesses that are struggling, people are less focused, easily distracted, and spend time gossiping and complaining.

In successful businesses, people are at work. If I try to interrupt them, they answer my question and get right back to work. It’s clear they are focused, competent, and motivated. It’s also clear that they seem to enjoy what they’re doing, which points to one of the findings in surveys of what employees really want:

They want to get their job done, they want the experience of accomplishment, and the freedom and support to do so.


Your Next Steps

My mission is to demonstrate that a business embracing practices of kindness, respect and empowerment will be very, very successful and profitable. 
Ready for a new level of success in your business?
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