10 Useful Ideas on Systems Thinking

At the heart of systems thinking is the holistic principle of interconnectedness. I compiled the following list to make this core idea translatable to daily life. The ideas presented here are not meant to be the final word on the … Read More

Real Accountability & Employee Ownership

From Article Published In RIA’s Cleaning & Restoration February 2017 Real accountability is where employees take ownership of everything around them and behave like an owner. The BIG SECRET to having employees fully committed and engaged is in actually treating … Read More

Professional Coachable Behavior

Part 2 of Power PracticesFrom Article Published In Restoration & Remediation Online July 17, 2017. The first thing we see in very professional behavior is people are coachable. I think the best way to understand this is to look at … Read More

The Winning Formula / Power Practices

Of course everyone wants really great performance in their business, but not everyone is willing to take the time to really understand how to design the business for that: what it looks like, what practices and procedures support that, and … Read More

Why Traditional Management Doesn’t Work

Traditionally, the management of a company and all the responsibility has always fallen to the shoulders of the owner. This model of management carries from the dark ages of kings and serfs, in the same way we build roads based … Read More

Development & Testing 1

Development & proof-of-concept pages prior to publishing/launch to show proposed paid advertising and email marketing campaigns leading to a product launch. These pages detail the sales funnel for GNA Group Coaching i.e the program eventually delivered via TalentLMS. About the LMS offer. … Read More

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