GNA One-to-One Full-Service Coaching

Our Core Offering

Developed from over 8,000 hours & 24 years of work with hundreds of companies.

The GNA Inc commitment is about unleashing the greatness in your business.

We offer a step-by-step practical process to bring inspired leadership and real accountability to your organization by building a financially focused performance culture that results in every person giving their best effort.

The GNA Full-Service Business Coaching touches every area and aspect of your business with a commitment to whatever it takes for your success. From Business Development, through Sales, to Financial Management, Project Coordination, Project Management and Collections.

You get unlimited call support to execute on the practices, strategies, plans, and behaviors for breakthrough level ownership, leadership, accountability, and financial success.

Ready to Get Started on Creating Your Best Year Ever?

  • Are you struggling to create a leadership team that drives success?
    • Do you feel like you have to do everything yourself?
  • Are you frustrated with your team’s lack of ownership and accountability?
    • Do you feel like you are the only one who cares?
  • Are you stressed with slow sales, low margins, jobs not closing?
    • Do you feel like everything goes too slow and takes too long?
  • Are you exhausted working more than 60 hours and 7 days a week?
    • Do you feel trapped with no clear path to success?

If you answered YES!!! to even one of these, then you are in the right place!



WHEN employees have the opportunity and empowerment to step into being the driving force of your business, THE RESULTS SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES.

From 24 years of experience and over 8,000 team meetings with restoration and construction companies.

Our expertise is in designing all areas of your business with Ownership, Accountability, and Financial Prowess

“We began working with GNA in 2012. Over a two year period we realigned the company with a more focused, powerful, and effective level of accountability.”
“We set up new systems, goals, and metrics for all departments. Productivity went up, and our profits followed. The bottom line is, our net profit tripled.”
“Given the significant ROI of GNA’s contribution to our team, recommending their services is a no brainer.”
Buz Artiano
Owner, RebuildEx
“We’ve increased almost 10 points in profit margin over two and a half years. Our net has gone up. Our overhead is looking very good. When I worked previously with Stratton, I felt a lost of isolation. I felt alone in the company of many people. I felt I was completely on my own. With Greg’s coaching, we’ve changed that. We are together. We are strong. We are unified. We work together, and we are producing great results financially and otherwise.”
Chad Boyd
Stratton Restoration
“GNA (Greg Neil) has been a huge asset to our company since hiring him. Ha has helped our comapny increase revenue by nearly 1 Million dollars this last year. We went from 2.6 Million in 2014 to 3.5 Million in 2015. Along with the increase in revenue he has assisted in the decrease of our overhead costs by helping our meetings become more efficient and timely. In addition he has helped our employees become better leaders and helped make our company a more positive place.”
Shannon Weaver
Office Manager for JRCC

Proven Blueprint

From our work with hundreds of companies over a 24- year period,  we have developed an easy step by step process suitable for every company no matter what size you are. 

We will guide you each step of the way to give you clear outcomes in a convenient weekly structured online format.   

You will begin to see results in the first 30 days.

A Performance Culture

It’s a proven fact that employees working smart not only are more productive, but they are more profitable than employees merely working hard.

That’s exactly what we offer.

  • Employees take more responsibility for being profitable.
  • Their understanding, ownership, motivation, and satisfaction goes up.
  • Employee empowerment becomes the driving force of the business, everything runs better, and the business is more successful.


In just 10 Weeks you will get;

  • How to build accountability, ownership, and financial awareness into daily and weekly practices
  • How to support that with a powerful weekly team meetings
  • A Business Culture that supports continuous learning and improvement
  • A management model that grows with your company’s success
  • Are you ready for some serious success?
  • Are you ready for some serious ROI?

GNA Inc Promise with the One-to-One Full Service Coaching: 1,000% ROI


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