Learning and Coaching Others

To start, they have to be coachable, But first, it really helps if your business culture already has a strong understanding of continuous learning, change and constant improvement. Because if it doesn’t, it’s seriously working against you to support really unhealthy attitudes and behaviors, which produces resistance that looks like some of the first 2 or 3 points below.

This scale of Learning or Coach ability starts with completely un-coachable attitudes, and moves down to more functional behaviors.

1. Leave me alone. I’m fine. I want to do it my way. I’m a trained professional and I don’t need any help from anyone. (This can be very painful to have to deal with, and typically uses more energy to manage than what they give back in production)

2. Ok, you can help me if I like where this is going and we do it my way. (Not real coachable, probably not the person you want long term.)

3. I’m open to your suggestions and appreciate your help, support, partnership.
(Doesn’t seek help, but open to it when offered, where learning and coaching starts.)

4. I know I need help with _______ and_______. Can we set up a time for that?
(There is a request for learning, an appetite for it. They seek it, and they take it with a commitment to empower themselves with it. They get value from any energy offered, everyone wins, these people add more energy (profits) to your business than it takes to manage them.)

Finding the right people starts with being honest about what you have. If you’re putting up with people you know don’t serve your company’s best interest. Don’t be resigned. Start looking, invest in your future.