Leadership and the “What About Me” (WAM) Syndrome

If you’re one of those people in a senior position in your company, you made it to that senior position for a reason. And it’s likely that from time to time, you may wonder why you bother to work so hard. Here are some things people in your position have shared with me:

It doesn’t work to do it for the benefits, nor for power or position over others. The best way to play it is full out, nothing held back — it’s actually more fun that way.

It requires you to be bigger than anything that shows up; bigger than any circumstances; bigger than any of your own personal issues or someone else’s; bigger than any power struggles and ego trips.

It takes a great deal of courage and faith to consistently generate an attitude of “can do” in the face of “no you can’t circumstances.”

And it takes something spectacular to be able to do all this on a daily basis.

Two choices, to be bigger, or not – the choice is yours to make every day.

Why should I you ask? For the very reason that you do have this choice, and you know the choices you make define who you are, and you are willing to wrestle with this every single day.