How Productive is Your Work Force?

Think your employees are working at close to full capacity? Not even close! What’s really surprising is the reason they give.

Simon Bailey reports on a recent poll done by the Gallop organization in which 5,000 people in 18 industries were asked “How Productive Are You?” Their answer – 32% of capacity…that’s right, only 32% of their capacity!

Think about that. You could double that and still be well below 100% capacity. But here’s the really amazing thing behind this, their reasons:    “The organization doesn’t know what I can offer,” and “I don’t think I am valued,” or “I am not appreciated.”

This information from Mr. Bailey and the Gallop organization comes as I work with a company to begin replacing a long time key employee who didn’t feel appreciated, didn’t get a review he asked for (in the last several years), and only after taking a position with another company did he learn from his current employer how valuable he is, to which he responded – “There is no way I would have ever even considered leaving had I known I was that valuable.”  Oh well, too late for this one…