Give Thanks Where Thanks is Due

We don’t often think of it as such, but being successful in business is a noble endeavor. It takes a special passion and strength to want something so much you’re willing to sacrifice a great deal of time, energy, and resources to see it through.

Business has its own process of natural selection, removing those less suited and rewarding those who persevere. Business people walk their talk, talented and savvy from their years of being tested in the market place of business. They have the drive and ability to do what must be done. They are thoughtful, insightful, resilient, tenacious, and thorough.

And the greatest amongst the most successful people I know are deeply spiritual. Their reverence for their path is evident in the way they conduct themselves, their business affairs, and the way they treat others. For them, business is a pathway for their wisdom, an expression of their spiritual understanding, and a gift to those around them.

To those amongst you, I dedicate this post. You are my inspiration.