Game Changing Results

You may have noticed I am a strong advocate for weekly meetings; here’s why: A weekly meeting is where several ideas come together, like:

  • What gets measured is what gets accomplished
  • Measuring allows for management of that action, task, or work
  • Accountability and reporting accelerates work being accomplished

The thinking that goes with this is, what you measure is what drives attention and conversation in your weekly meetings. Reporting drives each person’s personal experience of responsibility and ownership. Well done measures drive the issues right to the surface. Problems solved in the team meeting by the team teach leadership and ownership. What each person speaks up for is what empowers their thinking, and their actions. So the meeting is not for you, it’s for the benefit of the attendee’s.

Owners who can manage to get out of the way and let the attention, responsibility, and  accountability fall to the attendees of their meeting witness levels of performance they never thought possible, but always wanted.