Freedom or Fear – The Daily Choice

You may have people that you feel aren’t as responsive as you think they could be. Chances are, you’re right. So, what do you do about it?

The actions you take set the tone for the kind of business culture your company has. Do you spend more time telling people what to do? Making to do lists for each one? Do you spend even more time with training and instruction? Do you try to solve every problem that’s brought to your attention? Do you offer bigger financial incentives for work their already being paid to do? If so, don’t be surprised if your actions produce even less engagement and productivity. That’s because you haven’t gotten to the problem!

In many cases, employees lack of performance is because they are afraid. They’re afraid of making a mistake, being fired, conflict and disagreements with others, dealing with difficult customers. How you respond to this makes all the difference in the world in terms of their productivity and your profits!
You know you’re on the right track when productivity goes up, and stays up. If that’s not happening in your company, call me.
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