Employee and Leader Mentality

Leadership doesn’t live in a title; you can have leaders at any level of your business. But, do you hear “I’ll do my best,” or do you hear “I will get it done.”

There is a big difference between someone who sets a limit on how far they will go to get something done, and someone who has their eye only on the results. It’s very reasonable to do your best – how can anyone complain about that?

Results focus is far less reasonable, and more productive and satisfying to everyone. It’s a “let’s see what will happen, vs. I will make it happen” attitude.

Employee mentality will do their best – then stop, and go home at 4:30 – hoping it all works out. Leaders do whatever it takes to get the job done. Leaders posses behaviors and habits that inspire a certain attitude containing a greater strength of purpose, and they draw to themselves the resources to do what must be done.